SAFETY STANDARDS : First and foremost importance given to our guests is their safety.We understand people who step out of their comfort zone expecting a safe and secured place just like their habitat.Keeping this in our minds we cover all the aspects of the safety needs for the guests where they go through adventurous activities involving risk.

  • Camp safety - It ensures guests are well protected at our area of jurisdiction
  1. Accommodation provided are compounded hence no fear of intruders and animal invasion
  2. Caretaker available round the clock in case of emergencies
  3. Separate boys/girls tents in order to maintain uncontested discipline and give privacy
  4. 24hrs standby vehicles available for quick conveyance at the time of unanticipated situations
  5. Having taken required preliminary measurements , camp can be trusted with its fine sanitation
  • Instructors and staffs - To overlook on the satisfaction of the guests by providing them with best memories possible, we have well trained and certified instructors
  1. Our instructors are certified from HMI( Himalayan Mountaineering Institute,Darjeeling) and NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering,Uttarkashi)
  2. Have basic knowledge on first aid
  3. Staffs are congenial and unreserved making them approachable with anything
  • Equipments and gears - We posses imported gears of high international standards
  1. Quality checks are done before providing the gears to the guests to prevent mishaps during the course of action
  2. Damaged equipments are disposed off and replaced minimizing the risk in accidents due to gear failure
  • First Aid - We provide with standardized first aid at the time of medical emergencies
  1. Doctors are just a call away who are proficient enough to give first aid
  2. Hospitals are located in close proximity with the camp site so as to minimise the time of travel