Why QLI Camp ?

Surrounded by rocky hills from the three sides , you get to wake up to a breathtaking sunrise to partying till the sky dusks.This camp is the perfect offbeat location for everyone to explore something distinct that will cherish your memories once you head back to your origin that ought be your take away from this camp and in return our take away from the camp would be the customer satisfaction.
We are always ready to oblige our customers by taking into account each and every individuals demands in order to design itineraries to appeal to every visitors budget.
People these days are always stressed with the pressure of work,shuttling from workplace to home everyday without giving adequate amount of rest to the physical and mental health. With the urge to travel but having no time and places to go around , people remain aloof without much activities.We bring with us a team of highly experienced and trained staffs to take away all the distress by offering various outbound training packages to :
Engage them in physical activities through trekking, cycling, hiking etc.Improve the communication skills through team activitiesDevelop leadership qualityDiscover individual's abilitiesObserve the presence of mind and their perseverance


Kolb's Learning Styles

  • Concrete Experience - (a new experience or situation is encountered, or a reinterpretation of existing experience).
  • Reflective Observation of the New Experience - (of particular importance are any inconsistencies between experience and understanding).
  • Abstract Conceptualization (reflection gives rise to a new idea, or a modification of an existing abstract concept The person has learned from their experience).
  • Active Experimentation (the learner applies their idea(s) to the world around them to see what happens).

Experiential Learning Cycle

  • Accommodating : The Accommodating learning style is 'hands-on,' and relies on intuition rather than logic.
  • Diverging : These people are able to look at things from different perspectives. They are sensitive. They prefer to watch rather than do.
  • Converging : People with a converging learning style can solve problems and will use their learning to find solutions to practical issues.
  • Assimilating : The Assimilating learning preference involves a concise, logical approach. Ideas and concepts are more important than people.

Our Facilities

Our Team

Divyansh Gupta

Mr Divyansh Gupta ( Founder and CEO ) A mind behind QLI with the vision of Outdoor Experiential Learning across Industries and Outdoor Education in Schools.

Aryan Dhami

Outdoor Instructors are certified from NIM and HMI with an experience in Adventure Sports and handling the OBT setup along with Instructors.

Col Amar Nihalani

Col Amar Nihalani, Chief facilitator and Trainer for the Outbound Training with 18+ year Experience. Already conducted 300+ OBT Programs across all Industries.

Diana Charles

Mrs Diana Charles, Chief Facilitator with 7+year of Outbound Experiential Learning Experience. Â Conducted OBL. HR training program across Industries

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